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We believe all communities deserve access to Good Food.

Food that is nutrient-dense, affordable, sustainable, and reflects our environment and culture.

VI Good Food is dedicated to cultivating a thriving and just local food system in the US Virgin Islands. 

Our farmers are understaffed, underresourced, and overlooked and yet we still produce the national standard for goods. Now imagine what we can do with your help!


Food Security


Food Sovereignty


Food Justice


Sustainable & Regenerative

Building partnerships and markets to drive morelocal food production and reduce barriers to accessgood food for everyindividual, while working for a more self-sufficient and resilient food system. 

Ensuring the USVI has self-determination of food choices at home, in school, and in stores – instead of allowing global supply chains to decide what Virgin Islanders can buy and cook to eat.

Food is affordable, nutritious and culturally appropriate and supports physical, economic and community health; regenerates, and respects natural resources and animals; and ensures that all people involved in the value chain live with dignity and freedom from oppression and exploitation.

Promoting the restoration and conservation of USVI’s soil, air, and water, and encouraging agroecological farming practices that secure a healthy environment for future generations to enjoy and thrive.

Our Work Focuses on Advancing 


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